DILO SF6 Gas Handling

Zero emissions and maximum gas re-use

DILO’s path in SF6 gas handling started in 1967, when we supplied a complete piping system for installation of the first SF6 gas insulated switchgear. Since then, our product portfolio has successively been developed to the widest product range of emission-free gas handling equipment worldwide.

SF6 is a non-toxic, inert insulating and quenching gas of high dielectric strength and thermal stability. Thus, it is used in enclosed medium and high voltage switchgear as an arc quenching and insulating gas due to its properties.

Unfortunately, the same properties that make SF6 an excellent insulating gas for GIE also make it a potent greenhouse gas. SF6 is among the six major gases subject to monitoring. Because of its high global warming potential, SF6 is listed in the Kyoto protocol. Therefore, SF6 has to be used in closed systems in order to avoid emissions.


Quality gas handling products and well-trained technicians greatly reduce the risk of SF6 emissions. Consequently, DILO applies the principle of technology and sustainability in harmony to our product design. All processes from product development, design, engineering, manufacturing, production, sales, and training are performed in-house. As a result, we can focus on our goal of zero SF6 emissions while offering our customer the most technologically advanced products designed to make their jobs easier.

For over 50 years, DILO has been preferred supplier of devices and equipment for emission-free SF6 gas handling. We also offer convenient apps and SF6 services designed to simplify SF6 gas handling for our customers.

Our product portfolio includes:

Above all, it is our goal to consistently meet our customers’ requirements for first-class products and services without any compromises.

We strive for:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Reduced operating costs for our customers
  • Following international laws/standards

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