Pre-filter and separating units

Adsorption of humidity and decomposition products

On the suspicion that SF6 gas in a circuit breaker is contaminated or humid, we strongly recommend the use of drying and particle filters between switchgear and service cart.

Moisture and both gaseous and dusty decomposition products as well as oil aerosols are adsorbed by special drying and particle filters during the recovery operation. Thus, service carts are protected effectively against contamination as most of the moisture and decomposition products are collected by the prefilter units.

Our pre-filter units are available as portable or mobile version. The filter cartridges can be easily exchanged.

Portable pre-filter unit (pe 50 bar)


For adsorption of moisture and gaseous or dusty decomposition products. Dry filters filled with molecular sieve and aluminum oxide Al2O3.

Portable separating filter unit (pe 50 bar)


For adsorption of oil-aerosols, moisture and gaseous or dusty decomposition products. Separating filters filled with activated carbon granulates and aluminium oxide Al2O3.

Gas company equipment to measure use

Mobile pre-filter unit (pe 25 bar)


For adsorption of gaseous and dusty decomposition products from large gas compartments.

DILO 3-537-R001- Mobile Pre-Filter Unit

Mobile pre-filter unit DN 20 (pe 16 bar)


Mobile pre-filter unit DN 40 (pe 16 bar)


DILO B148R04 Mobile Pre-Filter Unit

Other versions are available on request. Please contact us for more information.