Gas storage tanks C4/C5

For gaseous storage

These tanks offer sufficient volume to safely store or withdraw even large gas quantities.  The digital integrated weighing scales allow to determine the filling weight with an accuracy of up to ±500 g.

Large gas monitoring equipment on wheels
  • For gaseous storage or withdrawal of gas
  • Digital weighing scales (measuring accuracy ± 0.5 kg)
  • Pressure indication in bar, MPa, psi
  • Discharge of the weighing system for transport is not required
  • Additional tool tray for hoses and accessories
  • Stable frame with pushing bar
  • Steerable and fixing rollers for comfortable transportation
  • Max. operating overpressure: 25 bar
  • Version in accordance with the 2014/68/EU pressure equipment directive, ASME or SQL approval available as an option

Data Sheet​​​​​​​