White Paper Series: Alternative Gases

DILO specialists have authored a four-part White Paper Series on Alternative Gases. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are available for download now!

Part 1, “Alternative Gases” and Gas Mixtures", focuses on problems and uncertainties that users and operators of gas insulated equipment are faced with when switching to new Alternative Gas mixtures. This paper also includes the latest technical status of Alternative Gas handling. 

In part 2, "Gas Mixtures and Mixing of Gases", a brief overview of the basic physical properties of gases and gas mixtures is discussed. Part 2 also touches on the latest possibilities of production and use of Alternative Gases during commissioning of gas-filled units.

In part 3, "Handling Alternative Gases", experts discuss best practices and things to keep in mind during gas handling. 

Part 4,  "Measuring Gas Quality and Sustainable Reconditioning and Reuse of Alternative Gases", is available now!

We hope you enjoy the Alternative Gases White Paper Series. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need support with Alternative Gas solutions. 

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Part 1: Alternative Gases and Gas Mixtures

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Part 2: Gas Mixtures and Mixing of Gases

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Part 3: Handling Alternative Gases   English   0,80 MB  



Part 4: Measuring gas quality and sustainable reconditioning and reuse of Alternative Gases

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