Equipment for gas management

Safe handling of technical gases

We design and build turn-key plants, perfectly made to fit your requirements.

  • Plant engineering for gas applications
  • Gas and vacuum tight piping systems, also with integrated pressure monitoring
  • Mixing and preparation units as well as equipment for handling, compressing, preparing and drying of gases
  • Systems for localizing and integral leak testing
  • Gas analysis devices for quality determination and room monitoring devices
  • Stationary storage tanks for gaseous or liquid storage with TÜV, ASME or SQL approval and filter units
  • System solutions for vacuum technology, such as vacuum pump units

With our system solutions, handling processes can be individually designed and implemented safely and economically. Customer-specific operating software included.

DILO custom plants for industrial gas equipment allows:

  • mixing
  • measuring
  • pumping
  • recycling
  • compressing
  • preparing
  • filtering
  • separating
  • filling
  • storing
  • handling

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