DILO Certified Gas

SF6 Gas Supply

When it comes to medium and high voltage circuit breakers, there is no better electrical insulator than SF6 gas. DILO has over 50 years of SF6 gas handling experience and is proud to introduce our SF6 gas supply through DILO Direct.

Our environmentally friendly gas separators allow us to recondition SF6 gas to a like-new state that exceeds IEEE and IEC standards. We test and certify each individual cylinder of gas, hence the name DILO Certified SF6 Gas. We guarantee our SF6 to be more than 99% pure and contain less than 99.5 ppmV moisture. Furthermore, our SF6 gas will never contain any by-products. DILO Direct is the only approved service provider and vendor for DILO Certified SF6 Gas in North America.  


The Sustainable Alternative to Virgin SF6 Gas

DILO Certified SF6 is a sustainable alternative to purchasing virgin SF6, which can only be manufactured overseas due to the Kyoto Protocol. The manufacturing of virgin SF6 is a known source of greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons, we never dilute gas with virgin SF6. Furthermore, DILO Direct only uses the most environmentally friendly separators available- DILO separators engineered specifically for reconditioning SF6 gas. You can reduce your footprint by choosing DILO Direct as your SF6 gas supplier.

Not only is DILO Certified SF6 Gas sustainable, it’s also an economical solution to virgin gas. Furthermore, DILO Certified Gas can be used in all GIE applications where virgin gas is used, including the filling of new switchgear.  With the quality, environmental benefits, and cost benefit of DILO Certified SF6 Gas, there’s no need to purchase virgin SF6 ever again.  

Whether you need to purchase SF6 gas to fill new or existing GIE or dispose of potentially contaminated gas, we can help. As well as SF6 gas supply, we offer reconditioning and disposal services.

Additionally, we have expanded our product portfolio to include the sale of other DILO Certified Gases. We prepare gas mixtures on the basis of NovecTM4710 or NovecTM5110, but we also supply other insulating gas mixtures - according to your exact requirements.

We are proud to offer the following under DILO Certified Gas Service:

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