Economy Series C4/C5

Alternative Gases – Our joint contribution to climate protection

Service cart for C4-FN

Service cart for C5-FK

Our customers rely on and trust in well-proven and safe gas handling which has been thoroughly tried and tested for decades. This principle is also true for our G057 ECONOMY Series for Alternative Gases. DILO sets highest priorities to zero emissions with this series for gas mixtures with C4-FN and C5-FK.

This allows the complete gas handling of Alternative Gases in gaseous and liquid state to be carried out efficiently and safely on site in the usual manner. Thanks to a state-of-the-art control system, all essential functions run automatically and are operated and clearly displayed on a 10“ touch screen. The operating software with intuitive navigation in several languages makes operation simple and convenient. This is also refl ected in the operating safety of the service cart: the use of couplings adapted to the type of gas prevents unintended confusion

Green machinery with a tank

Switching between different mixing ratios of the Alternative Gas is possible at any time with the optionally available compressor unit for easy gas recovery of the service cart.

Thanks to the integrated buff er tank it is easy to homogeneously fill the gas compartments, independent of the gas compartment size. Thus, a gas compartment with 1000l and 5 bar pa can be recovered down to 1mbar in only 106 minutes when using the DN20 coupling. Not only does the metal casing of the service cart protect the internal components, but also noticeably reduces the noise level. As an option, the service cart can also be operated by remote control via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

The innovative ECONOMY series in ergonomic design satisfi es our customers’ requirements in daily use.

  • Professional handling of gaseous and liquid gas mixtures
  • Storage pressure of up to 100bar for effi cient gas storage
  • Integrated buff er tank for storage of homogeneous gas mixtures
  • Filling of the gas compartment up to 15 bar (optional)
  • Induction heating system for quick gas withdrawal from liquefied cylinders
  • Intuitive operation via 10“ touch screen
  • Optional remote control via mobile devices
  • Automatic special functions for emission-free maintenance