Alternative Gas FAQs

Which Alternative Gases are currently available on the market?

C4-FN / C5-FK mixtures, CleanAir and CO2/N2 mixtures

What do the designations C4 and C5 mean?

C4 = NovecTM 4710 (C4F7N)
C5 = NovecTM 5110 (C5F10O)

What are Alternative Gases used for?

By using SF6 gas, switchgear can be made much more compact and material-saving, combined with a higher switching capacity and plant safety. Due to the very low GWP value and similar properties to SF6, alternative gases are well suited for use in medium and high voltage switchgear.

Can a SF6 service cart also be used for Alternative Gases?

No, when handling Alternative Gases, only equipment specially adapted to this gas can be used.

Does alternative gases have to be handled in a closed circuit?

For environmental and economic reasons, the gas must be treated as in a closed circuit.

What should be considered when measuring Alternative Gases?

Only measuring devices specially approved for the corresponding gas can be used.

How can the moisture content be determined in Novec mixtures?

The moisture content is determined by electronic sensors specially calibrated to the gas mixtures. SF6 moisture measuring devices cannot be used.

Where can gas mixtures be purchased?

Gas mixtures can be purchased from DILO exactly according to customer specifications. DILO has the appropriate equipment and facilities to produce these gas mixtures.

Which functions does a service cart for Alternative Gases have?

A service cart for Alternative Gases has the same functions as for SF6. This service cart is used for the recovery of Alternative Gases from the gas compartment down to a final vacuum of < 1 mbar. The gas is automatically passed through dry and particle filters, which effectively adsorb decomposition products and moisture from the gas. During the recovery process, the gas is either temporarily stored in gaseous or liquid form. In addition, service carts are used to evacuate air from gas compartments, which are then refilled with Alternative Gas up to the desired operating pressure.