Lock valve for density monitors PN16 DN20

For emission-free disassembly or verification of density monitors


Density monitors can be verified directly at the gas compartment or disassembled for external tests without having to recover the gas from switchgear by means of these lock valves. The valve securely separates the assembled density monitor from the gas compartment. In combination with the Densi-Control IN (B178R51V1) density monitor testing device it is also possible to quickly and easily verify the density monitor switching points on switchgear, without producing emissions.

Lock Valve 3-1150-R... | Securely separate DILO "DensiControl IN"  density monitor from the gas compartment

To separate the density monitor from the gas compartment,  put a lever on the valve and turn it by 90°. The switching position of the valve is indicated by a red/green label.

For connecting the gas compartment different connection are available; the connecting side of the valve is equipped with a connecting coupling DN20. SF6 gas handling can also be carried out via this integrated DN20 coupling – a useful "Two-in-one solution" which is perfectly suited for retrofitting as well.

The 3-1150-R... lock valve is the perfect match for tight installation conditions. If more variety in arranging the density monitors is desired, we recommend the 3-1190-R... version with different connections.