Cylinder Storage Rack

C-600-PACK / C-1600-PACK

Six (6) and sixteen (16) SF6 Cylinder Storage Packs utilize the same efficiency as tonners but are easier to transport, manage, and use. The integrated manifold design offers the ability to isolate individual cylinders or take advantage of the total storage capacity (660 lbs. / 299 kg of SF6). Cylinder Packs provide a convenient and safe method of transporting cylinders to and from the worksite or gas supplier. 

DILO-C-600 Bottle Rack for SF6 Gas Cylinders

Cylinder Pack Standards: 

  • All cylinder connections include hermetically sealed ball valves w/CGA-590 connection for Bidirectional Flow
  • DILO DN20 Male (VK/A-02/20 P) main connection point with DN20 Cap w/Chain (VK/KN-08/20 T)
  • Powder-coated to protect from wear, corrosion, impact, and weather 
  • Protective Hood for overhead protection to the cylinder leads, valves, and manifolds from either a crane or a forklift during transit 
  • 4-Point crane lifting eyes, with an additional single-point lifting eye (OPS0055 Lifting and Hoisting Standards) 
  • Forklift provisions 
  • Double cylinder clamp design to reduce potential cylinder rotation, stress and/ or vibration inflicted onto the leads attached to the cylinders in the carts during transit
  • All cylinder packs are DILO Leak Tested