DILO Direct Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine what power supply I am required to provide for gas handling equipment?

DILO Direct will advise the voltage and amp service required. Generally, the voltage requirements are dependent of the size of handling equipment to be used.

How do I determine how many storage cylinders are required for my project?

DILO Direct will reference the SF6 gas weight noted on the nameplate. This is a general reference. However, the best reference is documentation from prior gas handling events which will provide accurate SF6 gas quantity in the GIE. In addition, if the GIE has a potential leak, additional gas storage space will be required.

What list of gas handling equipment do I require to perform a full recovery of a GIE?

The minimum list of gas handling equipment DILO Direct requires to perform onsite gas handling is as follows:

  • Recovery system adequately sized per the volume of the GIE
  • Temporary storage cylinders that allow for 100% of the mass of the SF6 gas to be handled, plus additional storage in case of GIE leak and gas expansion.
  • SF6 gas multi-analyzer to determine Purity, moisture and SO2 content of SF6 gas to be handled
  • SF6 gas leak detector to check for leaks before, during and post handling, as applicable
  • Adapter fittings that allow for zero emissions between handling equipment and GIE
  • Mass Flow meter and/or cylinder scales
  • Pre-filtration system to scrub SF6 gas of contaminants. This avoids potential cross contamination and potential damage to handling equipment and accessories.

Why can I not request a smaller recovery system?

The DILO recovery systems are designed to recover 100% of the gas per the volume of the GIE. An undersized recovery system will not guarantee that 100% of the SF6 gas in the GIE will be recovered and will result in an emission (loss of SF6 gas to the atmosphere) when the GIE gas volume is opened to the atmosphere.

How do I determine what size recovery equipment do I require for my project?

DILO Direct determines the size or capacity of the recovery system by the volume of SF6 gas the GIE is designed to hold (i.e. as labeled on the nameplate or documentation provided from prior gas handling events).

I have cylinders with SF6 gas in them. Can we send them to you?

Yes, DILO Direct can handle disposal or reconditioning of SF6 gas for you. Please for more information. 

Does my GIE/GIS have to have DILO fittings in order for DILO Direct to access the equipment’s gas compartment? How do I know what type of adapters are necessary to access the gas compartment on my GIE/GIS?

DILO Direct has the ability to adapt to any fitting necessary. We travel with adapters to the most common types of fittings. However, including a picture of the fitting on your GIS/GIE, as well as nameplate information when summitting your RFQ is always helpful and could prevent any potential delays.