Our After-Sales Support & Service

DILO has maintained an enduring reputation for more than 50 years as a leading global partner for professional and emission-free gas handling. A significant part of this reputation comes from a dedication to delivering the best customer service, including after-sales support. 

DILO’s commitment to quality means we’re confident in our products. Whether you want to request an RMA form, send a unit for calibration, file a warranty claim, or require technical assistance, DILO after-sales technical specialists are here to listen and help.

DILO Company After Sales

Analyzer Calibration

Gas analyzers calculate the concentration and quality of different compounds with a gas or gas mixture. Businesses across multiple industries use them to monitor gas quality and verify the values fall within the acceptable ranges for employee safety, regulatory standards, and product manufactures guidelines. Routine analyzer calibration enables users to confirm their equipment provides accurate gas quality measurements. 

Regular analyzer calibration helps extend the life of analyzers, and DILO customers can ensure long-lasting equipment with assistance from our  Analyzer Calibration Services. . Our certified technicians will assist with many tasks, including performing initial inspections, leak tests, updating software operations, and safely discarding parts exposed to arc byproducts.

Technicians are also qualified to conduct gas analyzer repairs. If any repairs are necessary, our technicians will acquire customer approval before proceeding and provide estimates and lead times for the project.  

DILO-certified technicians have years of experience with analyzer calibration and use advanced tooling for analyzer calibration and related services. All services are conducted at our flagship Analyzer Calibration Laboratory based in the United States.

Gas Cart Maintenance Programs

Routine maintenance is essential for ensuring optimal SF6 processing performance. DILO offers a variety of gas cart maintenance programs to help customers with different needs. All customers receive the same level of customer service from our after-sales technical specialists. 

Small Gas Cart Maintenance Program

This annual maintenance program is designed for our entire line of small gas service carts. In addition to a thorough evaluation of the machine, a maintenance check by one of our trained technicians includes: 

  • Complete inspection of plumbing and electrical systems 
  • Performance and functional testing 
  • Replacement of applicable dryer, particle, and oil filters  
  • Vacuum pump oil replacement 

Through this annual maintenance program, customers gain peace of mind that their DILO equipment is properly maintained by skilled technicians. DILO will also maintain all equipment service and maintenance records.

Large Gas Cart Maintenance Program 

The large gas cart maintenance program is the most convenient and comprehensive solution for ensuring the reliability and function of your large gas service carts. As with the program for small gas carts, this program involves a trained DILO technician visiting your site to examine the machine, replace filters, and change the vacuum pump oil. DILO also offers hands-on training for operators to ensure ongoing maintenance. Other benefits of the program include: 

  • Equipment service and maintenance records stored by DILO 
  • Replacement of lost or damaged manuals of unit 
  • Full documentation reports of maintenance performed after completion

Annual Scale Calibration Program

Companies in the United States that utilize SF6 gas are subject to regulations from agencies like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), and California Air Resources Board (CARB). These guidelines require companies to track and report on their SF6 usage, making accurate calibration critical. 

DILO’s annual scale calibration program makes it easier to ensure precise calibration and adhere to regulations. Scale calibration includes a complete device inspection and functional test. Customers receive their Calibration Certificate and Test Weight NIST Certificate, Legal-for-Trade, when service is complete.

Online Registration and Return Requests

DILO encourages customers to register their equipment online to gain the full benefits of our services. Those who complete the online device registration form get a free, 12-month guarantee extension on their equipment.

A Return Materials Authorization Form must be completed prior to sending SF6 gas or equipment to DILO. There are two forms — one for returning equipment and one for returning SF6 gas and cylinders. Customers should ensure they complete the forms in full, as missing information will delay processing.

Once the form is completed and submitted and a DILO representative approves it, the customer will receive an RMA number with instructions on how to send in the equipment. A valid RMA number is required to return equipment. Additionally, customers must include a physical copy of the form for shipment.

DILO Support Services

Customers have multiple options for consulting the DILO team regarding technical issues. Schedule a virtual troubleshooting session where one of our after-sales technical specialists will get on a Microsoft Teams call and help you determine what’s going on with your equipment. Email aftersales@dilo.com to set up a call. 

DILO also offers after-hours technical support for situations with DILO equipment or SF6 gas requiring immediate attention. This service is intended for emergencies happening outside normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. After-hours technical support is subject to additional costs.

SF6 Gas Handling and More at DILO

DILO is proud to be your full-service partner for SF6 gas handling and related needs. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our operations, from product development to sales, training, and technical support. We offer a range of SF6 gas products and industrial gas equipment, as well as alternatives for those interested in SF6-free gas handling. DILO’s direct service line provides customers with professional gas management assistance. 

When customers choose DILO, they choose innovation and quality customer service. To learn more about our after-sales support, find answers on our FAQs page or contact us today.