analyzer discharge recovery bag

For mobile, temporary storage of SF6 measuring gas


The analyzer discharge recovery bag is a simple and cost-effective system for collecting measuring gas in case it cannot be returned directly into the circuit breaker. Its handling is very easy: Connect the bag with the hose included in the scope of supply to the measuring device.

The discharge gas collecting bag allows collecting the SF6 from up to 25 measurements. The gas can be removed from the discharge gas collecting bag with any service cart and by means of the supplied hose and coupling. When using this system, no SF6 is released into the atmosphere. It is light, practical and environmentally friendly.

DILO Analyzer Discharge Recovery Bag- ADRB1

Folded discharge gas collecting bag

Carry bag for gas monitoring equipment

Filled analyzer discharge recovery bag

Other features:

  • 52 l capacity
  • Light folding bag for comfortable transportation
  • Self-closing miniature couplings
  • DILO coupling DN8 with hose connection (to recover the bag)

All DILO measuring devices equipped with a gas return system can be connected to the discharge gas collecting bag