Cylinder Heater Blanket

For heating SF6 gas bottles

HB 120A

SF6 bottles contain both liquid and vapor content. While vapor is being removed from the top of the cylinder, the liquid vaporizes and will cool in the process. This cooling can get to a point where the liquid no longer has the ability to convert to a gas until the internal conditions warm up.

DILO has the perfect way to combat this issue with our cylinder heating blankets. These thermostatically controlled heater blankets heat the lower part of the gas bottle to prevent the SF6 from “freezing”. An integrated thermostat prevents the gas bottle from being overheated. Installation of the heater blanket is easy: wrap the blanket around the lower portion of the cylinder and secure it via two Velcro® straps. For quick gas removal from the bottle, we recommend the use of two heater blankets on top of each other.

  •  Power: 500 watts 
  • Velcro® retention strap 
  • Thermostatic safety controlled 
  • Maximum temperature capability will not affect SF6 
DILO Cylinder Heater Blanket HB 120A