DILO Direct-Track

SF6 Gas Monitoring Software

Direct Track is DILO Direct’s cloud based SF6 monitoring software solution to help you manage and monitor your SF6 inventory. Access your live SF6 inventory data, track changes on the go, and meet your state and federal reporting requirements- all with the same solution.

Because Direct-Track is cloud based, there is no need to have software uploaded and/or updated locally. Furthermore, all updates and improvements are completed on the cloud and do not affect the user’s operating system. All that is required is an internet connection and an internet browser.

Our SF6 management software tool makes it easy to track and update your SF6 inventory. For example, Direct-Track provides you the option of adding an entry directly from the jobsite or from the comfort of your office. Direct Track is mobile friendly. Therefore, a substation mechanic can update the topping off a high voltage circuit breaker right from his/her smart phone.

Make End of Year Reporting a Breeze

End the stress of SF6 reporting once and for all. Complete end of year state & federal reporting with the click of a few buttons using Direct-Track. Save time, money, and headaches by allowing our SF6 monitoring software make your reporting process more efficient than ever before. Regular updates to Direct-Track is regularly updated to ensure compliance with the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. Additionally, Direct-Track is compatible with CARB and MASSDEP state level reporting.

Interactive screens provide the user unique options to view, update and report the quantity and locations of any SF6 movements. Specifically, a new fill event, SF6 recovery and topping off GIE can all be entered and tracked seamlessly. Reports can include total SF6 stock in individual cylinders and in GIE (Gas Insulated Equipment). Users can review history of SF6 origination, its current location, and what equipment it is filled into. Additionally, users can track containers using serial numbers and/or a company’s unique asset numbers assigned to cylinders and GIE. Furthermore, any SF6 sent for disposal or reconditioning can be easily viewed, tracked and reported.

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