Laser-Optic Testing

Quick and precise

Conventional test methods are often time consuming with the results sometimes not being precise enough or not reproducible. With leak testing units by DILO with a laser-optic testing method and SF6 test gas, imprecise and complicated test methods are no longer an issue.

The laser-optic testing method delivers fast and reproducible measurement results. It is particularly suited for quality testing and manufacturing control in the production of sophisticated serial components. The laser optic leak test method belongs to the non destructive test procedures in accordance with DIN EN 1779.

System's benefits:

  • Detectable leaks to 1*10-9 mbar l/s (dependent on chamber volume and test time)
  • Detection limit of laser system < 1 ppb (0.001 ppm)
  • Test results are displayed within a few minutes
  • As only rough vacuum (10 - 20 mbar) is needed no expensive stainless steel chambers are required
  • Degassing components, moisture and heat do not impair the test result
  • In case of SF6-filled components no handling of additional test gas is required
  • The leak test can be carried out under vacuum or atmospheric pressure

The benefits of the automated leak test during the production process are clear:

  • Shorter test times
  • Increased productivity during manufacture
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Higher quality level
  • Lower environmental emissions

For the laser optic test method SF6 gas is used as tracer gas for integral detection in the production of serial parts (chamber method), that means the test object is tested for tightness by filling it with SF6 gas and exposing to vacuum. This test method allows precise determination of the total leak rate of a component. Generally this procedure is used for quality assurance purposes in the production of serial parts.

For local detection of SF6 leaks e. g. on connecting lines or SF6 filled production facilities special leak detectors ("Sniffers") are used. Our product range includes devices for manual leak detection.


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