SF6 Gas Filling and Testing Adapter Kit


SF6 Gas Filling and Testing

This practical testing and filling adapter kit includes DN8 self-sealing couplings to fit most breakers and all DILO measuring devices. The SF6 filling kit ensures that no SF6 is released into the atmosphere during coupling and uncoupling. An SF6 regulator with a stainless steel internal diaphragm is also included in the kit.

dilo sf6 gas filling kit DN8

Adapter Kit DN20 V3

Transition pieces for the most commonly used SF6 gas compartment connections

DILO's handy and updated DN20 SF6 filling and adapter kit contains DILO DN20 adapters and transition pieces for the most frequently used SF6 gas compartment connections. The self-sealing connections prevent leaks and ensure that no sulfur hexafluoride is emitted during coupling and uncoupling. This kit includes a convenient carrying case with a custom foam insert to keep all the adapters in place and organized during transport.

DILO Adapter Kit DN20V3 for connecting from gas carts to circuit breakers