For the measurement of three parameters with the press of one button


This multi-functional device allows the determination of up to three quality parameters with only one measurement:

  • SF6 volume percentage
  • Moisture concentration
  • SO2 concentration
DILO chilled mirror analyzer for SF6- 3-035R-R...

The SF6 Mirror Analyzer works by utilizing the dew point principle, the cooling of a volume of gas until condensation forms, to measure moisture content. As the gas sample passes over the chilled mirror surface, the moisture content of the gas is determined by comparing the temperature of the mirror to the condensation rate of the gas. The chilled mirror technology allows for highly accurate results over a wide range of dew points. The other parameters of SF6 quality are determined by measuring the speed of sound (SF6 volume percentage) and electrochemical reaction (SO2 concentration). 

  • Intuitive 7“ color touch panel interface 
  • Battery or plug power supply 
  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Inlet pressures up to 500 psig (eliminates need for external regulators) 
  • Zero Emission gas testing principle 
  • Field-replaceable sensors 
  • Data Storage for up to 500 tests 
  • Integrated calibration warning system 
  • USB- and LAN connection for data transfer to Excel spreadsheets 
  • Sensor controlled testing (reduces test durations)