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SF6 Gas Handling Tips

Don't be a Gashole. Enjoy these SF6 gas handling tips from The SF6 Experts!

Danielle White, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Company Inc.

In this video, Danielle explains how a DILO Analyzer can help if you find a defective pressure sensor on a gas compartment.

Danielle explains how to use nitrogen to rinse out your recovery system in the event that you find it has been contaminated with SO2.

Dave Wasson, Operations Manager DILO Direct SW

In this video, Dave explains how to make reading the Nameplate on a SF6 gas breaker easier to read.


Dave explains how clearing the capillary tube on a circuit breaker prior to analyzing the gas quality can provide a more accurate picture of the SF6 gas quality.

Greg Miller, SE Operations Manager for DILO Direct

Greg Miller explains the importance of prepping your SF6 gas cart and hoses before beginning any gas handling in this Pro Tip Video.

Joseph Julian, Senior Field Technician for DILO Direct

In his Pro-Tip video, Joe explains how you can use the Vacuum Rise Test to determine whether or not a SF6 leak is present.

Robert Cardenas, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc.

In this video, Robert explains how to properly use a heater blanket on a SF6 gas cylinder.

In this video below, Robert explains goes over how to determine of the filters on your recovery system are exhausted.

Corey Ratza, Sales Director for DILO Company, Inc.

In this video, Corey explains the importance of capping connections.

In this next video, Corey explains the difference in working with SF6 alternatives and how to deal with the ratio of different gases that are mixed together.

Chris Barrett, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc.

In this video, Chris gives tips on disconnecting fittings.

In this next video, Chris explains the importance of leveling out your trailer to the bottle rack that sits underneath the cart itself and how to do this.

Brendon Davenport, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc.

In this video, Brendon explains the importance of testing SF6 gas prior to beginning any gas handling.

In this next video, Brendon covers the importance of avoiding cross-contamination with alternative gas fittings.

Billy Lao, General Manager for DILO Company, Inc. and DILO Direct

In this video, Billy explains how DILO's mobile leak detector unit can double as a room monitor to detect SF6 gas leaks.


Billy offers insight about what current SF6 regulations and SF6 legislation mean for businesses today and in the near future.

Ryan Donnelly, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc.

In this video, Ryan explains how DILO's Time Calculation App can help you select the correct equipment before starting a project.

In this DILO Pro-Tip Video, Ryan Donnelly explains the proper start-up procedure with a large gas cart and a generator.

Tobias Probst, Regional Operations Manager for DILO Direct

In this Pro-tip video, Tobias goes over how to test SF6 cylinders after they have been in storage for some time.

Christian Celeste, After Sales Manager for DILO Company, Inc

In this video, Christian explains what DILO Direct Connect is and what makes it unique.

Justin Simotas, After Sales Representative for DILO Company, Inc

In this video, Justin Simotas discusses scale bolts and their functions.