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An economical and environmentally friendly alternative

Global warming and climate change continue to be pressing matters. Many world leaders and corporations are searching for sustainable solutions. Sulfur hexafluoride, also referred to as SF6 gas, is a man-made gas that is used primarily in the electrical utility sector as well as other industries. It’s available in both virgin and reconditioned forms. Because of the Kyoto Protocol, a global effort to control the emissions of the main greenhouse gasses, SF6 was identified as one of the six gases with the most potential to contribute to global warming. As a result, virgin SF6 gas cannot be manufactured in the United States.

DILO is a proud supplier of DILO-certified gas, an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin SF6. While our premium SF6 gas products have contributed to our outstanding reputation, they aren’t the sole reason we are regarded as the go-to SF6 supplier. Learn more about our SF6 supply and the DILO difference. 

Environmental Impact of SG6 Gas Handling


What Makes Us a Trusted SF6 Supplier

There’s a reason why customers around the world have relied on DILO as a trusted partner for professional, safe, and emission-free gas handling for over 50 years. Dedicated to our core value of innovation, we strive to provide clients with solutions that are economically efficient and can deliver a technological advantage, making us trusted among SF6 gas suppliers. 

To better serve our customers and provide reconditioned gas that exceeds IEC 60480 and IEEEC37.12.3-2011 standards, we use specialized equipment that we engineered and manufactured ourselves. Our environmentally friendly gas separators utilize a two-stage cryogenic process for gas purification. We guarantee that our SF6 gas reaches at least a 99% purity level.

To ensure DILO Certified SF6 Gas remains to our standards, we conduct thorough inspections of new, re-certified, and customer cylinders. This protects gas from potential contaminants such as SO2, other vapors, oil, and more. 

We are pleased to offer a wide range of professional gas-handling services in addition to providing SF6 gas, including:

  • SF6 gas reconditioning 
  • SF6 gas disposal 
  • Cylinder maintenance  
  • Cylinder consolidation 
  • Leak inspection and detection 
  • SF6 gas testing and monitoring 
  • Complete SF6 gas management 
  • Nameplate verification 

Educational Opportunities from an Experienced SF6 Supplier

As a trusted and experienced SF6 supplier, we help lead the way for responsible gas handling. We are happy to extend our knowledge and experience to others in the industry with our SF6 gas safety and handling training and education seminars. The mission of these educational opportunities is to provide strategic and effective education for responsible and sustainable handling of SF6 gas. 

Our credentials include being an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and a member of International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). IACET is a widely recognized standard development organization and accrediting body that promotes the quality of continuing education. This is yet another reason why so many manufacturers, utilities, and companies in the technology sector choose DILO as their preferred SF6 supplier. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

DILO believes highly trained technicians, coupled with quality handling products, can greatly impact the amount of SF6 emissions. Focused on our goal of zero SF6 emissions, we’re proud to boast that all of our processes are performed in-house, including: 

  • Product design 
  • Development 
  • Engineering 
  • Production 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Sales 
  • Training 

This method allows us to offer our clients the most technologically advanced products while remaining committed to sustainability. Other ways we do our part at DILO involve preserving water where appropriate as well as utilizing advanced technologies, such as electric vehicles, for applicable tasks. 

Find Quality Products and More at DILO 

Through our dedication and commitment, DILO has been a preferred SF6 supplier for devices and equipment. Our services are designed to help simplify the gas handling process for our customers. Our excellent customer service, ability to adapt to change, and maximum efficiency in all devices, machines, and systems, make us a reliable SF6 supplier. Our customers can also rely on us for complete solutions for professionally handling SF6 gas. 

With three locations spread across the United States, DILO can supply DILO Certified SF6 Gas to clients who reside in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. So whether you are a federal government official in the energy sector, a chief financial officer for a private electrical utility corporation, or simply a climate-corned citizen, turn to the experienced team at DILO. Contact us today for more information.