For quick detection and quantification of small leaks for gas mixtures containing C4-FN

LEAK SPY C4 for gas mixtures with C4-FN

The cordless battery-operated LEAK SPY C4 precisely measures the C4-FN concentration in air by means of a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR sensor) and indicates the value on a graphic display in ppmv. The device allows precise localisation of leaks by searching the highest C4-FN concentration. Thanks to the high accuracy and the low detection limit it is possible to carry out integral measurements as well as measurements for determination of leakage rates.

DILO LEAK SPY C4 for gas mixtures with 3M™ Novec™ 4710

To protect the device from particles the sensor is equipped with a filter which can be cleaned and/or exchanged easily by the operator. In case there is C4-FN contamination already existing, the LEAKSPY C4 can be adjusted to this value. Therefore, it is possible to detect leakages even in already contaminated areas. The C4-FN concentration is indicated in ppmv as well as by an audible signal.

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