Recovery, Vacuum, and Refilling

Prevent SF6 Leaks During Routine Maintenance

SF6 losses due to leakage of GIE/GIS is an inherent problem which creates emissions of a potent greenhouse gas and can be costly for your company. Fortunately, with proper gas handling practices and procedures, losses due to user error and improper handling are preventable.

Utilizing the latest DILO equipment and handling techniques, DILO Direct can perform recovery and filling of your SF6 insulated equipment, as well as provide full reporting on all work performed, gas weight moved, and gas pressures and vacuum achieved. In addition, our technicians will test the quality of the SF6 (Moisture, Purity %, and Byproducts) before and after any work has been performed. Reports will be provided within 72 hours of service completion.

DILO Direct- SF6 Recovery, Vacuum, and Refilling Services