Reconditioned SF6 Gas

Turn contaminated gas into a usable product

Over time, SF6 gas used in GIE is often contaminated with air, nitrogen and/or tetrafluoromethane (CF4) due to leaks, inadequate evacuation, or incorrect gas handling. DILO Direct can recondition your contaminated SF6 gas to exceed IEEE and IEC standards. With one call, DILO Direct will make all necessary arrangements to have the gas picked up, reconditioned, and returned to you site in a like-new condition.

We inspect every cylinder and guarantee our reconditioned gas to be:

  • >99% SF6 purity
  • <99.5 ppmV (-41.5⸰ dew point) moisture content
  • Zero by-products

Our customers benefit from the preparation of SF6 gas by:

  • Reduced costs for SF6 disposal
  • Minimized costs for new SF6 gas
  • Emission-free preparation of gas
  • Lowered carbon footprint through reuse of SF6 gas

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

DILO Direct SF6 Gas Separator for DILO certified SF6 Gas- reconditioned SF6 supply