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DILO Direct Canada in Montreal, QC

If you’ve been following along on LinkedIn, you know we’ve been waiting to announce something big. Today, October 2, 2023, marks the official launch of our DILO Direct Service Center in Montreal! Learn more about DILO Direct, our Canada team, and services now available to all our friendly neighbors to the North.

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To ensure its purity, SF6 gas must be filtered through an extensive process with the use of specialized equipment. Learn more about the SF6 filtration process from the advanced SF6 gas specialists at DILO. 

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SDS form

Safety data sheets can be several pages long, depending on the complexity of the chemical. Given the amount of information listed, reading and understanding SDS forms can be difficult. Learn more about safety data forms and how to read them from DILO in this blog post. 

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ow Much Does SF6 Gas Cost? DILO Company, Inc. Blog Post

Sulfur hexafluoride, commonly known as SF6 gas, is used in the electrical utility sector and other industries. Its properties, such as a chemically stable structure, high vapor density, and exceptional arc quenching abilities, make it well suited for insulation for medium and high-voltage electrical applications, but also healthcare, magnesium production, particle accelerators, and etching.

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an image of solar panels being used for hydrogen production

Today, many business owners and consumers are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. As a versatile, eco-friendly alternative fuel, solar Hydrogen could have a major role to play in a sustainable energy future. In this guide, we’ll discuss solar hydrogen generation, as well as possible applications.

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Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is frequently used in electric power systems and other industries. While it’s non-toxic and thermally stable, SF6 is also the most potent greenhouse gas.

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