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They say “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”, but even classics need an upgrade now and again. DILO is excited to launch the new and improved B143 V4, also known as the Mini Plus Service Cart. The B143 V4 is best suited for recovering SF6 gas quantities of 88 lbs (40 kgs) or less down to less than 5 mbar. Read on to check out the redesigned Mini Plus and learn what new features will help make gas handling even easier!

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  • V4 Mini Plus Upgrades:
  • More Information and Special Promotion

The Mini Plus is an iconic service cart for DILO and embodies our values of reliability, quality, flexibility, and innovation. The mini plus was created to recover and fill small amounts of SF6 gas, up to 88lbs. It has many features found on our larger SF6 service carts, but is easy to roll by hand.  Since its original design in the 1990’s, the evolution of the mini-series has been driven by:

  • RELIABILITY: Changes increased reliability and kept up with evolving environmental standards, such as the recovery potential of <5mbar.
  • QUALITY: Improvements in hermetically sealed components such as compressors and valves to decrease emission potential.
  • FLEXIBILITY:  Automatic functions of the cart have been upgraded to allow faster recovery to improve flexibility.
  • INNOVATION: Improved experience with user interface allowing for wireless and remote features, such as DILO Direct Connect.  

V4 Mini Plus Upgrades:

Learn about the some of the key V4 Mini Plus Upgrades, from one of DILO’s lead technicians, Justin Simotas.  

Justin Simotas

Justin recently celebrated his 5th year service anniversary with DILO, and has played an integral role in the development of the Mini-Series handling equipment. As of October 1st, 2023, Justin has joined our After Sales department to further support our customers with technical support as needed. 

The original design features include mobility and ease of use. These important features are preserved in the new design along with a few new features.  Improvements made to the B143R11 V4 include:

  • Touch Panel:  A larger 7” touch panel with improvements in the design and layout of the user interface make operation easier and troubleshooting more streamlined. 
  • Electrical Panel: The redesigned electrical panel for the B143 V4 is now fully isolated inside a filtered cabinet. This allows for full removal of the electrical system of the service cart without needing to disassemble the mechanical side. In addition, the filtered component of the redesign means less dust will be accumulated over time. Dust is one of the leading causes of electrical component failure due to its ability to carry a static charge. The cabinet is also more water resistant than previous designs.
  • Solenoid Design: The B143 V4 unit now has a larger solenoid manifold block where all three of the main solenoids are located. This reduces the complexity of the unit’s tubing design and allows for the use of larger hoses for the vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum Pump: The vacuum pump bracket has been redesigned and is now triangulated to provide more support for the weight of the vacuum pump. This means there is also less vibration resonance when the vacuum pump is running. Less vibration means less noise for the user!
  • Handles: The unit now features sturdy handles on the front and back of the unit. This allows users to move the cart more easily and effectively.
  • Eyelets: The unit now comes standard with 4 eyelets for lifting the service cart with straps. 
  • Access Panel: The V4 design also standardized the access panels now open easily via a key locking system as seen on the Mega Series Carts. This allows users quick and effective access to important components.
  • Toolbox: The toolbox on the V4 has been upgraded. The deeper toolbox allows more tools and fittings to be stored in the device.
  • Filters: The filter housing is more accessible now that the vacuum compressor has been relocated inside the main cabinet. This means doing filter maintenance on the B143 V4 will be easier and quicker.
  • Manuals: The device now comes with two separate manuals, one focused on operation and the other focused on the maintenance of the device. The wiring diagrams and the parts list have been improved.

More Information and Special Promotion

As a special promotion, if you mention this BLOG Post to your Regional Sales Manager when placing an order for a B143 V4, DILO will include a FREE fitted tarp cover (part # K029R71) designed specifically for the B143 V4- savings of $580.00 Don’t sleep on this offer as it’s only valid for the first Twenty (20) customer requests!

If you would like more information on the V4 Mini Series Cart or need help selecting the correct service cart, we are here to help! Contact us and a SF6 Expert will be in touch shortly.

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