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Direct Connect is a hardware that allows DILO technicians to remotely log into your equipment to troubleshoot any issues or even provide software updates. Learn all about this unique router and how it can help assist you!

Direct Connect

Do you utilize DILO equipment that is outfitted with a touch screen panel? Chances are your device may include Direct Connect. DILO Direct Connect is a hardware that allows DILO technicians to remotely log into your equipment in order to troubleshoot any issues or even provide software updates. This feature is a 4G router that uses it’s own broadband connection, therefore DILO technicians do not have to use a customer’s internet service to connect to the system. Direct Connect comes with a 2-year service plan, so don’t forget to renew after two years!

Below, we sat down for a Q&A with DILO’s After Sales Representative, Mike Biggs, where he covers some of the most frequently asked questions and everything you need to know about DILO Direct Connect.

Q: What is Direct Connect?

A: Direct Connect is a router that uses 4G technology that allows DILO technicians to remotely connect to DILO devices in order to perform operational support, software updates and troubleshooting.

Q: How does it work?

A: This system is directly integrated either within a gas cart or an accessory with an analyzer. The communication between DILO and the equipment is made through a secure VPN connection that does not require the use of the customer’s internet service.

Q: What devices come with Direct Connect?

A: Nearly all DILO products purchased after 2019 that are equipped with touch panels come with Direct Connect installed.

Q: How can an After Sales technician troubleshoot your device in the field with Direct Connect?

A:The secure connection allows DILO technicians to log into the device remotely with permission from the customer. We can then view any errors currently on the touch panel and even operate the equipment from afar.  

Q: Can they see your tests and data?

A: Yes, the real-time feed that DILO Direct Connect has allows the customer to see what steps we are taking to resolve any issue.

Q: Can they control your machine?

A: Yes, we are able to control the device remotely; However, controls can still be managed by the customer simultaneously while a technician is logged in.

Q: Mike, can you give some specific examples of us using Direct Connect in the field to help customers?

A:There are numerous occasions where Direct Connect has been extremely useful. From basic operations from being unfamiliar with the newer equipment, to correcting errors that are displayed on the screen. One example is when a customer called DILO to discuss an error being displayed on the touch screen. We logged in to find an “Overpressure Vacuum Pump” notification, which means there is pressure on the inlet of the cart. This is a safety feature that ensures the customer does not supply any positive pressure to the vacuum pump as the result would cause damage to the vacuum pump. We provided details on what pressure indications are to which line and how to view them. To correct this issue, we ran “Recovery”, which brought the inlet pressure below atmospheric and into a vacuum. Afterwards, we were able to clear the error and run normal evacuation on the device.

Q: What should customers know about Direct Connect?

A: Troubleshooting in the field can become tedious however, having this system integrated with your equipment allows for a quicker process to troubleshooting/operations. In most circumstances, a live feed can produce more information than a picture can.

Q: Is there an annual fee?

A:Direct Connect has a 2-year fee that is optional after the initial purchase of the equipment. Reach out to DILO here for the costs.

Be sure to watch DILO After Sales Manager’s, Christian Celeste, quick pro-tip video on DILO Direct Connect below!

Want to see Direct Connect in action? Tune into our Webinar below that covers how this technology can make SF6 gas handling easier. 

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