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Meet the Team Series: Tobias Probst

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Tobias Probst, Regional Operations Manager for DILO Direct NW in Portland, OR.

Tobias Probst- Operations Manager DILO Direct NW

Tobias Probst is DILO’s Regional Operations Manager for DILO Direct NW in Portland, Oregon. His journey into the SF6 world started early as Tobi’s father, Reinhold Probst, founded DILO Company, Inc. in 1990 - the same year that Tobi was born. After working in Corporate Finance for a few years, Tobi decided to make the transition into working for the family business and officially joined the team at DILO in October of 2017.  In his role as the Regional Operations Manager, Tobi oversees field service projects, provides quotations and estimates to customers, and ensures that all established projects are completed properly. His favorite thing about working at DILO is being able to ensure that we are preventing SF6 emissions as well as properly reporting them without any errors. Tobi also enjoys making our customers happy.

Tobi was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida and attended college at the University of Tampa originally on a Track & Field scholarship where he competed in the 1500m and 800m races. During his time at the University of Tampa, Tobi focused on business and double majored in International Business & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Finance. After graduating from UT and working in the Tampa area for a few years, he moved to Portland, Oregon in 2016 with his now wife, Brooke, to follow their love for the mountains. Outside of work, Tobi can typically be found outdoors as his hobbies include trail running, skiing and rock climbing. An avid runner, Tobi has competed in the Old Cascadia 50K race as well the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20-miler and is currently training for The Siskiyou Out and Back 50K in July of 2022 as well as the Berlin Marathon in September, 2022.  

We feel lucky to have Tobi serve as a core member on the team here at DILO!

As an SF6 expert, Tobias has a lot of tips. In this Pro-tip video, Tobi goes over how to test SF6 cylinders after they have been in storage for some time.

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