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Meet the Team Series: Omar López Loya

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Omar López Loya, Project Manager for DILO Direct Canada.

Omar Lopez Loya

Omar López Loya was born and raised in Mexico where he spent most of his life. Thanks to his career and specialty, however, Omar feels fortunate enough to have lived in 6 different countries, all of them while working with SF6-related projects (i.e. High Voltage substations). Omar moved to Canada two and half years ago and admittedly loves the country.

Omar’s career in the field began as a Project Engineer with Siemens’ Transmission Solutions Division, coordinating High Voltage AIS & GIS projects for the Mexican market. His profession eventually brought him to supervise the installation of GIS systems from Siemens all around the Americas, working in projects for different sectors such as: Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Utilities. He has participated in 50+ projects, in 8 different countries, ranging up to 500kV. Since then, he has always been involved in the HV market in some capacity, a field in which DILO is ubiquitous, highly recognized and praised. He remembers his first time using a DILO SF6 reclaimer cart and other DILO products (SF6 multi-analyzer, gas leak detector, couplings and fittings, etc.) when Omar became certified as a Gas Insulated Switchgear installation supervisor in Siemens Berlin Schaltwerk.

Omar recently joined the DILO Direct team alongside Guillaume Carrière when the company launched DILO Direct Canada. He will also be an speaker at DILO’s upcoming Insulating Gas Management Seminar - taking place on February 7-8, 2024 - where he will present on Challenges of Insulating Gas Services in Extreme Conditions. Though it may be too soon to share exactly what his day-to-day role will look like, he suspects it will be similar to his previous role as Project Manager/Field Service Representative for High Voltage Services. In this role, his days are divided between being directly on site, working along the clients and supporting them with my expertise to solve their issues, and the never-ending paperwork and management tasks back in the office. Omar loves what he does because it mixes both of his passions: traveling to different places meeting new people and troubleshooting complex issues with hands-on type of work.

In his free time, Omar loves traveling the world (he has impressively visited 29 countries and counting!), going on hikes and biking. He also loves a good read, discovering new music, as well as trying/cooking different foods from different cultures.

We are so excited to have Omar on the DILO Direct team and look forward to watching all that he accomplishes with our team up north!

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