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Meet the Team Series: Mike Biggs

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features DILO After Sales Representative, Mike Biggs.

Mike Biggs DILO

Mike Biggs was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. After graduating from high school, he packed his bags and joined the United States Marine Corps. While in the service, Mike was responsible for repairing electrical equipment on aircrafts such as radio transmitters, electronic countermeasure equipment, and communication/navigational systems. In 2016, Mike completed his enlistment and moved to Florida with his wife and son.

Upon moving to Florida, Mike began his career at DILO Company as a Shop Technician. At that time, he primarily focused on the Mini-Series, performing repairs and service. In 2018, he joined the After Sales Team and has since increased his experience and knowledge on a plethora of DILO equipment. Mike looks forward to fostering the many professional relationships and industry experience gained through working at DILO. He completed his associate degree in business in 2022 and he has recently started working towards his bachelor’s degree in business with a certificate in Operational Management.

In 2024, Mike will take on a new role as a DILO Direct Operations Manager based out of Texas and covering the surrounding area.  Mike's background in DILO equipment and gas handling expertise plays a pivotal role in the growth of our service division based in Texas.   As DILO Direct expands to Texas, we are excited to offer our customers faster response times with their on-site gas handling needs as a trusted service provider – but no more excited than Mike himself; here is what Mike has to say about DILO Direct Texas:

What is the key service element that DILO Direct offers customers of Texas?  

“Although DILO Direct offers several services, one of our main elements is the DILO service cart maintenance/repair. We want to express the importance of maintaining the equipment to extend the service life of the cart.”

What is the most challenging part ahead of you as you work to grow the service division in Texas? 

“I believe the most challenging area may lie with balancing multiple positions in the beginning stages of our growth such as in-person meetings between the Regional Sales Manager and customers to obtain their business needs as well as completing field work and my responsibilities as an Operations Manager.”

Tell us about an example service solution DILO Direct has supported to solve a customer's problem in the field. 

“On call troubleshooting is one of the many strengths of DILO and if those calls lead to an emergent service, then DILO Direct will be there onsite to complete the job. If a customer’s site has a failure and all assets are in use for other projects, DILO Direct can support the customer’s need for service.”

Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, and soon-to-be third son. Mike says his two boys have completely different personalities and it is a joy to watch them interact with life. Mike has been married to his wife for about 10 years and looks at each day as another great adventure. He also enjoys craft beer (with credit to the DILO Family) and playing video games. He and his wife purchased a home in 2020 and that has brought upon landscaping as a hobby as well. Mike especially enjoys the feeling of accomplishment after successfully completing a project.

We at DILO are so lucky to have Mike on the team!


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