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Meet the Team Series: Joe Julian

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Joseph Julian, Senior Field Service Technician for DILO Direct.

Joe Julian, Senior Field Technician for DILO Direct

DILO Direct offers a multitude of on-site and off-site SF6 gas handling services performed by DILO Certified Technicians. Today, we will learn a little about Joseph Julian, the Senior Field Service Technician for DILO Direct. Prior to working for DILO Direct, Joe worked in the Power Transmission & Distribution Industry.

Joe started working in the T&D Industry as a field technician installing commissioning and repairing circuit breakers and disconnect switches both in the US and internationally. He then went through an apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman Electrician for a Florida Utility where he was in charge if a 10-person crew performing substation construction and maintenance. Joe has been with DILO Direct for over 8 years, since the start of the company when General Manager Billy Lao convinced him to join our Team. When asked about Joe, Billy said “Joe has been a major aspect of the development of DILO Direct. He has grown with DILO Direct and continues to contribute to the growth of the organization.”

In his role as a Field Service Technician for DILO Direct, Joe travels across North America and performs troubleshooting and repairs of DILO Equipment at customer facilities. While on site, he also performs a functionality test of gas handling equipment and recommends any necessary repairs that are affecting operation or may become an issue in the future.

Joe also performs a variety of on and off-site services for DILO Direct for customers who either do not own SF6 gas handling equipment or are short staffed and need to outsource gas handling. Since properly trained technicians are such an important step to preventing emissions and SF6 gas handling is not often performed on regular basis, many utilities choose to hire DILO Certified Technicians like Joe to ensure all work is performed on a zero-emission basis and in compliance with any Federal or State regulations.   

As part of all on-site services, Joe will recover, evacuate, and refill Gas Insulated Equipment. During the process, he keeps track of all SF6 used and provide a full detailed report. Joe also installs and commissions DILO SF6 Gas Room Monitor Leak Detection Systems in indoor GIS Substations in coordination with our Engineer.

Joe travels around 95% of the time and has been to many interesting destinations as part of his work, including Guatemala, Mexico, Aruba, and Germany. When asked what he likes best about the T&D Industry, Joe replied:

“There’s never a boring, mundane, or repetitious job. Every job is different in some way and present its own challenges to face. What I like most about being a Field Technician for DILO Direct is that I do travel as much as I do and get to see and meet different people that are our customers. I get to help them or recommend solutions to issues they are having and like I stated before the jobs are always different. I enjoy making bonds with some of the repeat customers and getting to see them Annually.”

Like many of our DILO and DILO Direct Employees, Joseph is a US Veteran. Joe served proudly in the US Army. In his personal time, Joe loves to take care of his property with his lawn equipment and skid steer as well as going to the shooting range and helping with handy work for a contractor friend. Joe also has a love for community service. Before moving to Florida in 2002, he volunteered as a firefighter in the Hudson Valley Catskill Mountains in New York. He served for 12 years, two of them as 2nd Lieutenant and three as President of the Fire Company.

We are incredibly fortunate to have you on our team, Joe! Thank you for all your hard work and your service to our country.

Be sure to check out Joe’s Pro-Tip Video, where he explains how you can use the Vacuum Rise Test to determine whether or not a SF6 leak is present.