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Meet the Team Series: Greg Miller

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This series focuses on Greg Miller, Production Manager for DILO and DILO Direct SE.

Greg Miller, Operations Manager for DILO and DILO Direct SE

Greg has been with DILO for over 8 years and is responsible for ensuring that our daily operations run smoothly. When asked to describe Greg, Corey Ratza, Sales Director for DILO said it best:

 “Have you ever heard the quote, ‘There are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened’?” Well, for the DILO team, Greg is the go-to DILO manager for making things happen. His dependability and people skills set him apart from the rest and heavily contribute to making everyday operations here at DILO Florida consistent and seamless.  

Greg started his journey into the Electrical T&D Industry as a Journeyman Electrician almost 25 years ago. In 2015, Greg joined Proline Utility Tech in Casa Grande, AZ as a Field Technician before it became DILO Direct in 2015. In 2018, DILO Direct SW in Odessa, FL was looking for an Operations Manager. Greg decided to apply and was promoted and moved to Florida with his family in August of 2018.

As the Operations Manager, Greg is responsible for production and service team for DILO and DILO Direct Florida locations. In his role, he oversees everything from in-house gas handling to scheduling of field service and the shipment of new equipment to customers.

General Manager, Billy Lao, said “Greg has taken on the role of support to our DILO Company Inc. production team members. This has built trust and confidence in work processes which support our mission of safety, quality, and environmental stewardship.” when asked about Greg.

Greg loves working in the electrical industry because it’s always changing. When asked about what he likes most about working for DILO, Greg took the opportunity to praise his team whom he’s very proud of: “The team of people that I work with on a daily basis is dedicated, easy to work with, everybody communicates well across the team from the operations side to the production side. It’s a joint effort and… I really appreciate how everyone talks to each other.”

Greg was born and raised in Pasadena, California. He’s been married for 19 years and has two sons.  When Greg is not working, you can find him golfing or traveling with friends and family. Greg’s favorite destination so far is Lake Tahoe, CA. He also enjoys working out and reading books on nutrition and fitness.

You can check out Greg’s full interview here:

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