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Meet the Team Series: Dave Wasson

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Dave Wasson, Operations Manager for DILO Direct.

Dave Wasson Operations Manager

Dave Wasson found his way to DILO 8 years ago after he had been working in the Cable TV industry for 15 years prior. At the time, he was originally recruited by DILO’s CEO to work for a new SF6 field service company (formerly known as Proline Utility Technologies) in the Southwest United States. Proline and DILO worked very closely and DILO would do contract work with Proline to process SF6 for future reuse. Eventually, DILO was looking to expand its operations to the west coast and acquired Proline. Dave was brought on at that time with DILO as our Operations Manager, which is still his position with the company now.  Altogether, he has an impressive total of 17 years in the industry!

When asked by others to explain what he does for a living, Dave says he jokingly starts off with the phrase, “I pass gas”, but then quickly goes on to explain that DILO Direct works closely with the Electric utility industry to manage and maintain compliances of their insulating gasses. He will then expand from there if they are still awake. Dave’s favorite thing about working in the T&D industry is that there is always something to learn and the people are some of the best to work with. When it comes to working for DILO Direct, Dave says that he likes the satisfaction of doing a good job.

Even though Dave denies that he is too interesting of an individual, his team here at DILO values all that he brings to the table. DILO’s Manager, Billy Lao, says the following about working with Dave:

"Dave continues to strive for growth of DILO Direct as a whole. His personal sacrifices have ensured safety, environmental awareness, and quality customer service are maintained as the ultimate character of DILO Direct and his team."

DILO’s Sales Director, Corey Ratza, also has great things to say about having Dave on the team:

"Dave sets the standard DILO Directs on-site service quality. Applying the key goal of the KISS principle, "Keep it simple, stupid!" to the design behind our field service solutions. Dave's integrity of standards resonates with our team and carries forward to the products and services we provide."

In his personal life, Dave is a self-proclaimed “serial hobbyist” and enjoys trying out new projects and things of the sort. When he’s not at work, you can find Dave participating in car shows with his 1956 Jeep Rat Rod. Pretty cool!

We feel very lucky here at DILO to have Dave as part of the team. Be sure to watch his full interview below!

In this first pro-tip video, Dave explains how to make reading the Nameplate on a SF6 gas breaker easier to read.

In the second video, Dave explains how clearing the capillary tube on a circuit breaker prior to analyzing the gas quality can provide a more accurate picture of the SF6 gas quality.

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