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Meet the Team Series: Danielle White

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Danielle White, Regional Sales Manager for DILO serving the Central United States area.

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When Danielle first started at DILO in 2012, she had no idea that she would be embarking on a career journey that has lasted over a decade. Danielle started out doing contractual office work and quickly landed a permanent position, eventually working her way up to Regional Sales Manager. Danielle is an integral member if our team here at DILO. DILO’s Sales Director, Corey Ratza, says it best:

Danielle has been a model employee from the start of her career with DILO.   Her dedication and outgoing personality help to build strong relationships with her coworkers and clients.  As we always say here at DILO, it is the people behind the equipment and services we provide that make us successful.  Danielle is the perfect example of a brand ambassador, with her knowledge of DILO, uses of SF6 in different industries, and unmatched customer service.“

As part of her role as Regional Sales Manager, Danielle provides pricing and estimates for DILO products and services. She also provides customers with tips for best gas handling practices for when they are working in the field. Danielle finds it important to be able to teach our customers various methods to prevent SF6 emissions as best we can and helping them to track their inventory. The most satisfying part of her job is that she is constantly challenged and never bored with every day being different!

Danielle is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and began studying nursing in school. She started working for DILO while she was working another job and going to school for nursing. After learning more about the nursing field, she came to the realization that she did not have the stomach for it – though she does greatly appreciate all nurses and the work that they do. Danielle decided to change routes and further her career at DILO instead of heading into the nursing field. She says she made the decision to stay at DILO because she enjoyed learning about the very unique product line and the working environment was a perfect fit for her. Additionally, being part of a small team gave Danielle the opportunity to wear many hats – there is always something new to learn at DILO!

Outside of work, Danielle is very passionate about plants and gardening. She thoroughly enjoys reading and she also writes her own poetry. Danielle loves to be outdoors, so anything that includes being outside is right up her alley. She has a special love for cats – especially geriatric ones.

DILO is fortunate to have Danielle as part of the team! Be sure to check out Danielle’s interview below:


In the first pro-tip video below, Danielle explains how a DILO Analyzer can help if you find a defective pressure sensor on a gas compartment.

In the second, she explains her pro-tip  of using nitrogen to rinse out the internals of your recovery system in the event that you find the gas cart has SO2 contamination.

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