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Meet the Team Series: Dakota Ditoro

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features DILO Technician, Dakota Ditoro.

Dakota Ditoro is a Tampa Area native and was born and raised in Hudson, Florida. After graduating from high school, Dakota joined the Army where he served as a 12B Combat Engineer. The day he completed his service, Dakota drove from Fort Hood, Texas to Odessa, Florida where he had his interview with DILO the next day!

Upon first joining DILO Direct, Dakota was hired as a Traveling Technician and progressed to working in the MEGA shop in his first year. In 2020, Dakota began to also work in analyzer lab and completed three months of training there. After about another year, Dakota then joined the After Sales team before finally making his way back to the Field Service team with DILO Direct. Today, he serves as one of our lead technicians on the new C4/NOVAC handling and mixing plant. In this role, Dakota ensures the quality of our C4 mixtures services buy maintaining accurate mixed ratios and applying safe gas handling practices.

Dakota says his favorite thing about his job is that he can travel and see the world. Through DILO, he has travelled to 45 states and has also been to Germany, Mexico and Aruba! 

When he’s not busy working or traveling on the job, Dakota enjoys spending his time out in the woods where you can find him camping or riding on his side by side, which is an ATV used for off road trail riding and mudding. He started riding a 50CC 4-wheeler as a little kid and his love for it grew from there.

DILO’s Sales Director, Corey Ratza, says the following about having Dakota on the team:

“Dakota is dependable and always willing to step up to a challenge.  His project management provides a high level of safety and quality awareness.   We are lucky to have a reliable team member like Dakota supporting our customers with Safe and Reliable gas-handling services.”

Thank you for all you do, Dakota! We feel lucky to have you as part of the DILO Family.


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