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Meet the Team Series: Corey Ratza

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Corey Ratza, Sales Director for DILO Company, Inc.

Smiling middle-aged gas service man

Corey’s journey with DILO Company began in 2008 when he started as an apprentice at the DILO facility in Odessa, Florida for the production of the Mini Plus Compressor Version 4 (MPC-04). By 2010, he had become a member of the product development team as DILO moved away from working with vendor-supplied compressor motors to the new DILO-manufactured compressor, the MPC-05, with a unique hermetically sealed compressor motor design. From there, Corey soon became DILO’s on-site Service Manager in 2012 and he developed our Annual Maintenance Program for on-site services of DILO equipment. Using all of the experience that he gained as a Service Manager working with customers in the field and the understanding DILO’s systems, Corey then joined the sales team the following year. His sales territories included the Northeast U.S. as well as Canada for the next three years. In 2016, Corey was ultimately promoted to his current role as Sales Director, where he leads and supports our Regional Sales and Marketing teams.

In his role as Sales Director, Corey works closely with our Production and Operations Managers to collaborate on weekly activities and planning for ongoing projects. He oversees the sales and marketing teams for both DILO Direct and DILO Company. As part of his responsibilities, he also has a close relationship with our colleagues at DILO Germany, where they work together to navigate industry and market changes as well as promote our product and team developments. Corey says that the most satisfying part of his job is helping to develop the culture here at DILO as we begin to expand our facilities and work with new gases.

A true Floridian, Corey was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. He was ingrained with a strong mechanical background as well as craftsman skills from a young age as he watched his father establish and develop his property management business. By the time Corey was 13, his father had him running his own lawn service business that lasted for a few summers and eventually grew into the management of 17 accounts. After high school, Corey studied Business Administration at Pasco Hernando State College.

Outside of work, Corey enjoys traveling with his wife Sarah, who he has been married to for 13 years! Not only do they like the challenges of a new adventure, but they also appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the history, people, and cuisine of a location all while making priceless memories together. In particular, Corey enjoys traveling to the many beaches of Florida in order to improve his shore fishing skills.

Throughout his years at DILO, Corey has become an integral part of the day-to-day operations within the company. DILO’s General Manager, Billy Lao, says about Corey:

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Corey. His learning became teaching. He leads his team with the same enthusiasm he puts towards his desire to learn. We are truly fortunate that Corey is part of our DILO family."

Thanks for all that you do, Corey! Be sure to watch his full interview and pro-tips below.

In the first pro-tip video below, Corey explains the importance of capping connections.

In this second pro-tip video, Corey goes over the difference in working with SF6 alternatives and how to deal with the ratio of different gases that are mixed together.