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Meet the Team Series: Brendon Davenport

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We are fortunate to have a team full of dedicated, hardworking people at DILO and DILO Direct. This Meet the Team Series features Brendon Davenport, Regional Sales Manager for DILO Direct and DILO Company, Inc.

Brendon Davenport, Regional Sales Manager for DILO

If you've visited our booth at a trade show lately, it's likely you've seen Brendon. He is the model on many of our posters for DILO Direct. Brendon Davenport was born in Woodland Hills, California, before his family moved to Tucson, Arizona when he was in 7th grade – where he has lived ever since. Prior to working at DILO, Brendon performed various trade jobs and he began working in the electrical field for my stepfather’s electrical company. He had also worked for an HVAC company performing controls wiring and installation.

In 2017, Brendon began working for DILO Direct as a Field Service Technician at our Casa Grande, Arizona location. He started out in the field with gas handling as well as performing service on gas carts and other equipment. Brendon had been working as a Field Service Technician for just under four years when he was presented with the opportunity to move over to DILO Company as a Regional Sales Manager in 2021, serving the central western US States as well as western Canada. In his current role, he is responsible for helping customers with their needs for all things SF6 – facilitating what they are looking for and helping to pass that information on as well as processing orders. Brendon travels quite a bit in his position and is also responsible for holding trainings for DILO.

Since his start with the company, Brendon reports that:

“…the overall size and operation of the company feels much larger and more evolved. Our practices, procedures, marketing, service, and customer relations have all advanced in the short time I’ve been here. I feel I’ve been lucky enough to see DILO make the jump from feeling like a smaller business to a much larger corporation that continues to grow and move the SF6 industry forward, all while maintaining the important values of a family-owned business. I’m happy to be a part of it!”

Outside of working, Brendon enjoys spending the majority of his free time with family and friends at gatherings such as birthdays, barbeques, and various other celebrations. He loves to go golfing on the weekends as much as possible, and also tries to get out on camping, hunting and fishing trips when his schedule allows it. Brendon deems himself a huge sports fan and he also likes to attend live sporting events – mostly football and baseball games - as much as possible.          

Over the years, Brendon has proven to be an integral part of the DILO team. DILO’s Sales Director, Corey Ratza says the following about Brendon:

"Brendon's dedication, hard work, and positive attitude continue to impact us all at DILO and is carried forward to the customers he interacts with. His technical abilities with our equipment and skills with emission-free gas handling have a lasting impression leaving you with the confidence of knowing who you can rely on for support when in need.  Brendon has been a great addition to our Sales Team, quickly establishing himself as the region's go-to SF6 expert.  SF6 users in his territory first think to call Brendon before they think to call DILO - this is a perfect example of his impact with his knowledge and work ethic."

DILO is lucky to have you on the team, Brendon!

Watch Brendon’s full interview below!

In the first pro-tip video below, Brendon explains the importance of testing SF6 gas prior to beginning any gas handling.

In this second pro-tip video, Brendon covers the importance of avoiding cross-contamination with alternative gas fittings.

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