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DILO Direct Canada Service Center Launch

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If you’ve been following along on LinkedIn, you know we’ve been waiting to announce something big. Today, October 2, 2023, marks the official launch of our DILO Direct Service Center in Montreal! Learn more about DILO Direct, our Canada team, and services now available to all our friendly neighbors to the North.

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DILO Direct Canada

About DILO Direct Service Line

DILO Direct, the service division for DILO Company, Inc., was founded in 2014 to help provide emission-free SF6 gas handling services. You may be familiar with the DILO slogans “Don’t be a Gashole” and “One Vision. Zero Emissions.”. DILO produces emission-free SF6 gas handling equipment in line with our core values of quality, innovation, reliability, and flexibility; however, the products are only as good as the knowledge and skills of the person using them. 

It’s a well-known fact that a well-trained technician is the first line of defense against SF6 emissions. Unless there is a leak, installation, decommissioning, or maintenance of gas insulated equipment containing SF6 gas, it is not handled on a regular basis at most utilities. Therefore, trained and experienced personnel up to date on current regulations and SF6 best handling practices may be hard to come by. DILO Direct helped close this gap.

Since its inception in Odessa, FL in 2014, DILO Direct has opened two more service centers in the United States. In 2015, DILO Direct SW opened in Casa Grande, Arizona. In 2019, DILO Direct NW opened in Portland, Oregon. With these three locations, DILO Direct can efficiently service most areas of the United States.

Working in Canada presented both logistical and legal challenges for our Field Technicians, so as requests kept coming in, we made the decision to open a branch in Montreal, Québec. Over the last year, we have been working hard behind the scenes to assemble a team of SF6 experts in the great country of Canada. As of today, we can officially provide SF6 and alternative gas services to every Canadian province!

DILO Direct Services

If it involves SF6 gas handling, DILO Direct can help. There is no job too big or small- from providing sustainable SF6 gas to decommissioning GIE, we do it all. We exclusively utilize state-of-the-art DILO equipment and perform all work in accordance with local and federal mandates.

Services that all DILO Direct facilities can provide include: SF6 recovery, vacuum, and filling; nameplate verification; gas testing and monitoring; leak detection; cylinder maintenance and consolidation; SF6 tracking and reporting; alternative gas services; and recovery system repair and service. Our DILO Certified technicians are experts the stringent reporting requirements and are trained in the latest best practices of gas handling, they will make your job easier.

DILO Direct provides reports detailing exactly how much SF6 was filled, recovered, or moved upon the completion of any service. Also, we perform all work in accordance with our zero emissions of SF6 philosophy.

DILO Direct Canada Team

As part of our DILO Direct Canada launch, we will be introducing member of our Canada team in the days and weeks to come. Canada native Guillaume Carriere is the Operations Manager for DILO Direct Canada. He has been in the industry for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge of SF6 gas handling. Omar López Loya is DILO Direct Canada’s Project Manager. He has participated in 50+ SF6-related projects, in 8 different countries, ranging up to 500kV. Stay tuned to learn more about Guillaume and Omar in the coming days and weeks!

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