SF6 Free Gas Handling

Alternatives to SF6

The so-called "Alternative Gases" are alternatives to SF6, the preferred insulating and arc-quenching gas used in switchgear in the last few decades. While SF6 has excellent dielectric properties, it is also the most potent greenhouse gas with a GWP of 23,900. Ideally, SF6 should be used in closed loop systems and never be emitted into the atmosphere. While the industry has made great strides in gas handling and drastically reduced the emissions of SF6, concerns over the high global warming potential of the gas have the industry looking for alternatives to SF6. Therefore, switchgear manufacturers are starting to develop solutions and creating breakers for alternative gases.

As a pioneer in SF6 gas handling with over 50 years of experience, we were able to combine tradition with the requirements of new gas mixtures. We are proud to be the first company to develop a complete product line for gas handling and maintenance of alternative gases. The handling of alternatives to SF6 comes with its own set of challenges. Usually, special gas mixtures with fixed defined mixing ratios call for new, more stringent requirements on the design of the device. 

Even if Alternative Gases are used, the gas must be recovered from the gas compartment, during routine maintenance. The air must then be evacuated and the gas compartment refilled. In this respect, the handling does not differ noticeably from SF6 gas handling. In line with DILO's zero emission philosophy, we have defined a closed technological cycle that covers all gas handling processes with high reliability and without emissions.

Note: SF6 breakers and maintenance equipment cannot be used with any alternative gases. Switchgear and maintenance equipment will have to be overhauled completely if a company decides to use any alternative insulating gases.