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SF6 Portable Recovery System MP B143R01 Series II

The MP Series is a fully functional portable oil-less SF6 gas-reclaimer designed for today’s smaller volume circuit breakers. It has all the features found on larger systems but remains compact and easy to operate. Fast recovery speed, combined with 99.6% gas recovery rate, and up to 230 lb on–board storage capacity (indefinitely extendable) are features that make the MP Series II the leader in its class.



The MP Series II incorporates many unique design solutions, which enhance its reclaiming effectiveness and ease of use. Dual compressor design allows for fast parallel recovery until apparatus pressures of 0 psig as well as high recovery efficiency with serial recovery to below 35 mmHg. Unit is functional with only one compressor operating. Low restriction pipes and valves enhance processing times. A custom designed, two-position valve allows the operator to switch between recovery and fill-mode by moving only one valve. The design layout allows the gas compressors to be used during refilling functions. This eliminates the need to keep “spare gas” in storage tanks. Refill pressures are controlled via a high-speed, two-stage regulator reducing risk of total gas loss due to accidental overfilling of apparatus. An optionally available integrated electronic weight scale allows easy monitoring of gas quantity in storage. The scale also turns the processor off when the weight in the storage vessel reaches a pre-determined value. Self-sealing DILO valves eliminate risk of gas contamination during handling.

Vacuum pump is independent of the SF6 circuit and can be used simultaneously with all other functions. An electrically operated anti-suckback prevention valves eliminates the risk of oil contamination in case of power or pump failure.

The wide wheelbase of the 4-wheeled dolly increases stability when transporting on uneven grounds. Integrated leveling jack allows the unit to be secured and operated in upright position within seconds. Skid handles protect all components against impact and allow safe on and off loading for transportation.

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